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Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services Ltd

DESCRIPTION: Analytical testing laboratories, based in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services aims to be the most successful and respected laboratory and technical services company in all the markets in which we compete. We specialise in food, water, pharmaceutical, environmental and agricultural testing. Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services is LAS approved, IANZ accredited, and hold GMP and GLP registration. A major strength of Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services is our experience in scientific testing, and our comprehensive nationwide network.
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FoodInc, Food Industry Consultants

DESCRIPTION: We are your choice of independent New Zealand domiciled food industry experts, providing services locally and internationally. Each of our consultants have over 20 years’ experience in the food industry, and together we have significant experience in many different food sectors, food manufacturing disciplines and related technical services. Let us develop or improve your food product recipes with associated packaging and processing requirements plus shelf life assessments, for your relevant market. Use our expertise to take care of your food safety programme or risk management programme systems; we can help with design, implementation, documentation, maintenance and training personnel. We will address the legal requirements for your food product labels with our specialist knowledge of ingredient listing requirements, nutrition information panels, nutrition and health claims and other mandatory requirements. Supplemented foods are also our specialty. We are technical partners with The Foodbowl, assisting clients with commercialisation of their products at this world-class facility.
KEY WORDS: food industry, food technologists, food safety, consultants, systems development, market research, research and development (R&D), product formulation, ingredient selection, process development, process improvement, packaging development, nutritional composition, labelling and compliance, allergen management, HACCP and other food safety management systems, project management, staff management and supervision, staff training, problem solving, analysis, reporting and presentation.

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Foodinc - Food industry consultants