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ABC Nutrition

DESCRIPTION: Our team of uniquely qualified dietitians and nutritionists have had 30+ years of combined experience working for large multinational food companies around the globe. During our time working in and consulting to food industry, we have been instrumental players in numerous high profile product launches and reformulations - meaning we know what works.
KEY WORDS: ABC Nutrition, Angela Berrill, Nutrition, nutrition information, health claims, food labelling, product development, NPD, product reformulation, staff training, media, PR, seminars, nutrition writer, communications, food and nutrition consultants, allergies, nutrition substantiation, nutrition support, marketing strategy, literature reviews, Food Standards Code, commercialisation, dairy, infant formula, vegetables, fruit, baby food, snacks, food for special purpose, nutritional supplements, medical supplements.

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Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

DESCRIPTION: The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) self-regulate advertising in New Zealand. Advertising Codes of Practice provide the rules by which all advertisements in all media should comply. Internationally, there have been self-regulatory codes and standards since the early 1920’s. In New Zealand, the Committee of Advertising Practice was established in 1973 by the Newspaper Publishers Association, the NZ Broadcasting Commission and the Accredited Advertising Agencies Association. The name was changed to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and it was incorporated in 1990. It now has 14 member organisations representing advertisers, agencies and the media. Self-regulation encourages the industry to take responsibility to ensure legal, decent and honest advertising communications to consumers. There are a number of incentives. Most advertisers do not want to deliberately mislead or offend current or potential customers. They understand the importance of responsible advertising of restricted products and engage with pre-vetting processes and code-compliance prior to the release / publication of advertising. If consumers trust advertising, it is more effective. Advertising self-regulation also works best alongside a legislative framework and in New Zealand there are about 50 different pieces of legislation that restrict advertising in some way.
KEY WORDS: The three main objectives are: To seek to maintain at all times and in all media a proper and generally acceptable standard of advertising and to ensure that advertising is not misleading or deceptive, either by statement or by implication. To establish and promote an effective system of voluntary self-regulation in respect to advertising standards. To establish and fund an Advertising Standards Complaints Board.

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Apiculture New Zealand (ApiNZ)

DESCRIPTION: Apiculture New Zealand (ApiNZ) is the peak industry body for apiculture in New Zealand representing all sectors of the industry. We support and deliver benefit to the New Zealand apiculture industry by creating a positive industry profile, business environment and opportunities for members. We advocate on the behalf of members on a range of issues affecting the apiculture industry. ApiNZ was established in April 2016 after the restructure of the National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand (NBA) to better meet the needs of its members and the wider industry. This restructuring included a rebranding to better reflect its broader membership: NZ beekeepers, NZ honey packers and exporters and industry related supply companies.
KEY WORDS: Apiculture New Zealand, ApiNZ, National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand (NBA), industry group, bees, honey, packers, exporters, suppliers

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Aquaculture New Zealand

DESCRIPTION: The national organisation to: • Provide a unified ‘overarching’ structure representing all commercial aquaculture activity and participants •Present one voice for aquaculture •Manage and promote generic aquaculture activities • Facilitate species-specific activities.
KEY WORDS: Aquaculture, fish farming, seafood, New Zealand Greenshell™ Mussels, King Salmon and Pacific Oysters.

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Baking Industry Association of New Zealand

DESCRIPTION: The Baking Industry Association of New Zealand is about supporting and promoting the baking industry, it's products, lead and grow the base of bakers and baking apprentices in New Zealand. Members of the BIANZ are owners and managers of a wide variety of bakery-related businesses across the country, including bakery, cafe, catering and pastrycook businesses.
KEY WORDS: Baking Industry Association of New Zealand, BAINZ, Slice magazine, Fine Food Auckland, BIANZ New Zealand live bake-off, BIANZ New Zealand Bakery of the Year, NZ Bakels Apprentice Pie Maker Competition, BIANZ Trainee of the Year, Great NZ Hot Cross Bun Competition.

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Beef + Lamb New Zealand

DESCRIPTION: As an industry good body we work to benefit all farmers by investing in activities that would not occur unless funded collectively – either because they would cost individuals too much, or because others could benefit without paying. Consumer website includes nutrition information, recipes, cooking methods, industry awards and competitions, Steak of Origin, Glammies, Secondary School Burger Competition, Restaurant Directory, and information for farmers, retailers, and food service. Beef + Lamb New Zealand is delighted to support New Zealand's top female athletes: Lisa Carrington, Olympic Gold Medalist, Sarah Walker, Olympic Silver Medalist, Sophie Pascoe, Para-lympic Gold Medalist, Sarah Ulmer, Olympic Gold Medalist, Georgina Earl (nee Evers-Swindell) and Caroline Meyer (nee Evers-Swindell), Double Olympic Gold Medalist rowers, Alison Shanks, World Champion Pursuit Cyclist, Juliette Haigh and Rebecca Scown, World Champion Women’s Coxless Pair.
KEY WORDS: Beef, lamb, sheepmeats, NZ, New Zealand Beef and Lamb Quality Mark, Glammies, Steak of Origin, Beef + Lamb Excellence Awards, Glammies, Beef + Lamb Sports Ambassadors, Iron Brion, Secondary School Burger Competition, Sports Ambassadors, The Iron Maidens.

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BIRT - the Baking Industry Research Trust

DESCRIPTION: BIRT is the Baking Industry Research Trust, part of the New Zealand Association of Bakers (NZAB). The BIRT committee is made up of representatives from plant bakers, the Baking Society (representing small bakeries) and biscuit manufacturers, as well as the Chair of the New Zealand Flour Milling Industry Research Trust. Through bakeinfo, BIRT offers access to the research and activities happening within the NZ baking industry plus a whole lot more. Bakery FAQ's, Ask An Expert, recipes, information sheets, School Zone, baking basics, science fairs, careers, teacher resources.
KEY WORDS: Baking industry, research, education, information, recipes, competitions, NZ Young Bread Baker of the Year, Science & Technology Fairs, breadmaking, cakes, crackers, croissants, doughnuts, muffins, pastries, pies, pizza, scones

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Brewers Guild of New Zealand

DESCRIPTION: The Brewers Guild represents all of the breweries in New Zealand. The Brewers Guild of New Zealand is an Incorporated Society that represents the interests of the brewing industry. It does this by: •Organising BrewNZ, New Zealand's annual Brewers Guild Awards and the public beer show Beervana •Negotiating with Government on legal, licensing, fiscal and excise issues •Sharing and disseminating information to members through the website and meetings •Collecting and disseminating information of value to members regarding laws, provisions, directives relating to brewing in New Zealand •Collecting industry statistics •Providing a spokesperson who can promote the point of view of the members •Educating members and the public •Promoting the positive aspects of beer
KEY WORDS: Brewers, breweries, craft, home, beer, cider, Brewers Guild Awards, New Zealand Champion Brewery, Beervana, Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Options, Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Writer of the Year Award, directory of New Zealand breweries, beer news, events,

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Business Hawke’s Bay

DESCRIPTION: Business Hawke’s Bay is the economic development agency for the region and has appointed a Food Network Facilitator to work with added value food producers at an operational level. The aim is to successfully address gaps in technical and commercial capability that are limiting business growth.
KEY WORDS: Business Hawke’s Bay, regional, Food Network Facilitator, food producers, food manufacturers, products, technical, commercial, business growth.

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DESCRIPTION: From the fresh, open farmlands of New Zealand comes a meat so tender, so delicious, that we gave it its own name. It's called Cervena® natural tender venison. Cervena is premium farmed venison from New Zealand. Cervena is distinguished from all other venison by the trademarked assurance that the meat has been naturally raised and processed in licensed Cervena plants according to internationally recognized quality standards. Number-One World Exporter: New Zealand is the number one worldwide source for farm raised venison. In addition to the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, France, Australia, Sweden and Japan are major importers of New Zealand venison. U.S. Imports: The U.S. began importing venison in 1975. In the past, all exported venison had to be sent frozen. New technologies make it possible for more than half of all New Zealand venison to be shipped chill packed. in 2004 it was estimated that approximately 85% of all venison served in restaurants in the U.S. comes from New Zealand. Promoting Cervena®, Natural Tender Venison.
KEY WORDS: New Zealand deer, Cervena, natural tender venison, meat, pasture-farmed, farm-raised, marketing, importer, USA, America

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