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ABC Nutrition

DESCRIPTION: Our team of uniquely qualified dietitians and nutritionists have had 30+ years of combined experience working for large multinational food companies around the globe. During our time working in and consulting to food industry, we have been instrumental players in numerous high profile product launches and reformulations - meaning we know what works.
KEY WORDS: ABC Nutrition, Angela Berrill, Nutrition, nutrition information, health claims, food labelling, product development, NPD, product reformulation, staff training, media, PR, seminars, nutrition writer, communications, food and nutrition consultants, allergies, nutrition substantiation, nutrition support, marketing strategy, literature reviews, Food Standards Code, commercialisation, dairy, infant formula, vegetables, fruit, baby food, snacks, food for special purpose, nutritional supplements, medical supplements.

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ADECRON Food Tech Consulting

DESCRIPTION: Anny Dentener-Boswell. Consultant with 30 years Award Winning Experience for Product & Process development of numerous food and dairy products. Expert FSANZ Food Standards Code & NZ Supplemented Food Standard: nutrition claims, ingredient lists, allergens including gluten free. Cost effective software nutrition. Problem solving. Founding member FoodInc, Food Industry Consultants.
KEY WORDS: Food labelling, product development, dairy products, yoghurt, desserts, flavoured milk, sports food, spices, powdered blended products, infant formula, flavour and texture development, baked goods, process development, UHT products, UHT technology, aseptic products, nutrition, experimental design, FoodWorks software, dairy science, dairy technology, shelf life testing, contract food technologist, staff training, imports

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Callaghan Innovation

DESCRIPTION: Callaghan Innovation accelerates the commercialisation of innovation by firms in New Zealand. We have the talent, resources, knowledge and connections to help businesses turn ideas into internationally marketable products and services more quickly and successfully. We give businesses a single front door to the innovation system, working in partnership with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, economic development agencies, business incubators, universities, polytechnics, Crown Research Institutes, the venture capital community and industry associations. We also offer extensive Research and Technical Services (RTS) to businesses in the high-tech manufacturing and services sector through both our world-class facilities and the skills and knowledge of our engineers, technologists, designers and scientists.
KEY WORDS: Innovation, commercialisation, research, R&D, industry, science, technology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering expertise, ‘International Success through the Application of Innovation’ Award

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EIT Hawke's Bay

DESCRIPTION: EIT programmes combine practical skills with a sound theory base. Many can be studied on a full-time or part-time basis so there is an increasing opportunity to earn while you learn. Open Entry courses enable people who dont have academic qualifications or don't feel ready for a higher level of study, an introductory pathway to achieving a fulfilling career. Research underpins not only EIT's undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, it guides a wide range of developments in teaching and student services. Food & Wine Centre of Innovation. School of Viticulture and Wine. Science & Technology.
KEY WORDS: At degree level two Bachelor degrees and a Graduate Diploma in Oenology and a Graduate Diploma in Viticulture are available. The Bachelor of Viticulture and the Bachelor of Wine Science programmes emphasis the scientific and management aspects of Grapegrowing and Winemaking respectively. Both these Degree programmes involve extensive practical industry based learning which are relevant in the New Zealand wine industry. Students can choose to study these two degrees concurrently. EIT has a conjoint relationship with Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Australia.

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DESCRIPTION: ESR can help protect your markets by testing your food products to the highest scientific standards of any organisation in New Zealand. A truly independent and globally networked organisation providing IANZ accredited analyses for food, water, meat, fish and dairy. We offering chemical, microbiological (bacteria & viruses) and physical testing, in times of crisis and not. ESR has the networks, knowledge and track record to help you work effectively with many NZ government agencies on food safety and quality issues.
KEY WORDS: ESR, food safety, food forensics, consulting, HACCP, science, research, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, chemistry, microbiology, pesticides, food supply, environmental health, public health, communicable disease, foodborne illness, pathogens, shellfish, mussels, oysters, virus, aquatic, marine, water quality, freshwater, regulatory, contamination, hazards, health, interpretation, investigation, expert witness, toxins, algae, risk assessment, glass fragments, heavy metals, fungal toxins, olive oil, halal, meat dna speciation, allergen, health, pure beef, E.coli, listeria, salmonella, norovirus, diet survey, biowaste

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Liggins Institute

DESCRIPTION: The Liggins Institute was the University of Auckland’s first Large Scale Research Institute. It is a world leading centre for translational research on fetal and child health; the impact of nutrition on health throughout life; epigenetic regulation of growth and development; breast cancer; and evolutionary medicine. Our aim is to rapidly translate discoveries in basic science into therapies and strategies that will prevent or help people manage major health problems of the 21st century. We have shown that many common diseases of middle and old age have their origins very early in life – often before conception. Our work has led to a treatment for neonatal brain damage, a link between preterm birth and risk of developing diabetes, new treatment strategies for breast cancer and the recognition of clear links between early life nutrition and later life disease. Our postgraduate training programmes are based on multi-disciplinary approaches supervised by investigators who have international reputations in a wide range of fields. We are committed to promoting awareness and understanding of science through public events and the LENScience network of programmes for schools.
KEY WORDS: Nutrition, diet, health, genes, Seasons of Life lecture series,

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Lincoln University

DESCRIPTION: Lincoln University is New Zealand’s specialist land-based university. As a publicly owned and operated university that exists and operates under New Zealand statute, we are 100% committed to transforming land, people and economies. Arguably no other New Zealand university has had such a direct link with the New Zealand economy, and with the people responsible for fuelling the economy for much of that time, than us.
KEY WORDS: Bachelor of Commerce (Food Industry), Bachelor of Science (Food Science), food marketing, food miles, Quality Management, Oenology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology

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Massey University School of Food and Nutrition

DESCRIPTION: The School of Food and Nutrition is located across Massey's three campuses: Manawatū (Palmerston North), Albany (Auckland) and Wellington. We work closely with food and health industries in New Zealand and overseas. We take pride in our reputation as a successful partner with industry, providing first-class science research and tertiary education. We help industry and society to achieve better outcomes through applied and relevant scholarship.
KEY WORDS: Food Science and Technology, study, research, undergraduate, postgraduate, Food Engineering , Food Safety and Preservation , Food Science and Technology , Sensory and Consumer Science, , Carbohydrates and Cereals , Dairy , Fruit and Vegetables , Meat, Nutrition, health and life sciences, dietetics

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New Zealand Food Innovation Network - NZFIN

DESCRIPTION: The New Zealand Food Innovation Network (NZFIN) is an accessible, national network of science and technology resources created to support the growth and development of New Zealand food & beverage business of all sizes or providing facilities and the expertise needed to develop new products and process from idea to commercial success.
KEY WORDS: New Zealand Food Innovation Network (NZFIN), The FoodBowl, FoodPilot, FoodSouth, FoodWaikato, NZFIN - HAWKES BAY, FOODSOUTH OTAGO, pilot plant, food processing facilities, packaging, equipment, plant, premises, food technology expertise

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Plant & Food Research

DESCRIPTION: Plant & Food Research provides research and innovation to ensure sustainable growth of the plant and marine-based food industries. Our research includes the development of new, elite cultivars, bioprotection and sustainable production systems with reduced environmental impacts, and novel foods and ingredients that offer benefits to human health and wellbeing.
KEY WORDS: Breeding, Germplasm, Genomics, Plant Pests, Plant Diseases, Soil Science, Plant Postharvest, Seafood Postharvest, Seafood Production, Food Concept Development, Image Capture, Fruit, Vegetable & Arable Cultivars, Pest & Disease Management, Disinfestation, Land Management, Water Management, Crop & Fruit Production Systems, Intelligent Packaging, Aquaculture & Fishing, Viticulture, Natural Flavours, Food Ingredients

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