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5+ A Day®

DESCRIPTION: The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust was formed to clearly define our ‘Social Responsibilities’ activities. The objective is to encourage all Kiwis to eat and enjoy five or more servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day for better health, taste and variety. The beneficiaries of the Trust are the children of New Zealand. The 5+ A Day programme has become well respected since launching in 1994 and is one of the most recognized food/health brands in New Zealand today. Awareness of 5+ A Day is high amongst our target audiences of household shoppers at 90% and 93% for children. The core activity of the 5+ A Day programme is developing educational resources for educators in early childhood centres, primary and intermediate schools. The resources are curriculum linked for ease of use to promote healthy eating and fruit and vegetables.
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ABC Nutrition

DESCRIPTION: Our team of uniquely qualified dietitians and nutritionists have had 30+ years of combined experience working for large multinational food companies around the globe. During our time working in and consulting to food industry, we have been instrumental players in numerous high profile product launches and reformulations - meaning we know what works.
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Be Healthy, Be Active

DESCRIPTION: Be Healthy, Be Active – Kia ora, Kia Korikori is an exciting new, free programme developed for Kiwi teachers and students in years 7 & 8. It has been developed to support the vision and objectives of the New Zealand Curriculum (2007), in particular the learning area of Health and Physical Education at levels 3 & 4.

The Be Healthy, Be Active programme has been developed by Learning Media for Nestlé, the Millennium Institute of Sport & Health and the Nutrition Foundation.

It has a number of components:

Teachers Resource / Read & Respond Cards.

Online Journal where children can complete activities assigned by their teacher.

Online Action – The Fuel Up Challenge & Interactive Food Plate – these can be used on an interactive white board or on a computer.

Be Healthy, Be Active – Useful Tips Booklet. Class sets can be ordered through the Contact page to ensure these important messages get into students homes.

Teachers can set up their class to undertake online activities attached to the 4 modules in the Teachers Resource.

KEY WORDS: Be Healthy, Be Active, healthy eating, nutrition education

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DESCRIPTION: ESR can help protect your markets by testing your food products to the highest scientific standards of any organisation in New Zealand. A truly independent and globally networked organisation providing IANZ accredited analyses for food, water, meat, fish and dairy. We offering chemical, microbiological (bacteria & viruses) and physical testing, in times of crisis and not. ESR has the networks, knowledge and track record to help you work effectively with many NZ government agencies on food safety and quality issues.
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Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services Ltd

DESCRIPTION: Analytical testing laboratories, based in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services aims to be the most successful and respected laboratory and technical services company in all the markets in which we compete. We specialise in food, water, pharmaceutical, environmental and agricultural testing. Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services is LAS approved, IANZ accredited, and hold GMP and GLP registration. A major strength of Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services is our experience in scientific testing, and our comprehensive nationwide network.
KEY WORDS: Eurofins, Laboratory Services, NZLABS, Food Testing, Microbiology, Pathogens, Food Chemistry, Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, Hygiene, Water testing. Food Safety Testing, Food handling programmes, Food related procedures, Nutrition analysis. Chemistry Analysis, Microbiology Testing, Water Testing, Product Development and Trial Design, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Environmental Testing, Soils, Plant, Fertiliser Analysis, Residue Analysis, Shelf life analysis, Nutrition Information, Audit, Auditing

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Encouraging healthy food choices early in life can help create lifelong preferences for healthy foods. The Food and Beverage Classification System (FBCS) is a practical tool that can be used to identify healthy food and drink options.

The FBCS was developed by the Ministry of Health specifically for foods and beverages children commonly consume in an education setting. Foods and beverages are classified according to their nutrient profile and the system identifies the healthier options. Foods and beverages are divided into two levels for registration; everyday and sometimes.

Everyday Foods - Everyday foods and drinks are the healthiest choices. Encourage and promote these foods and drinks.

Sometimes foods - Sometimes foods and drink should be eaten in moderation. These foods and drinks should not dominate the choices available.

What is fuelled4life?
Based on the FBCS, fuelled4life is a collaborative initiative that involves the education, health and food industry sectors working together to make it easier to have healthier food in schools and early childhood education (ECE) services.

The Heart Foundation has updated, simplified and made the system more user-friendly. It aims to help ECE services and schools to provide cost effective, nutritious options that give children and young people more variety and choice.

How it works
Food companies register products with fuelled4life as everyday or sometimes and these products are identified in a Buyers’ Guide. The guides are available as printed books and on The website also provides useful information, recipes and tips. Schools and ECE services that sign up to fuelled4life receive the free printed Buyers’ Guide each year and regular e-newsletters.

How can schools and ECE services get involved?
Schools and ECE services can sign-up to fuelled4life online at and get the benefit of a simplified streamlined system.

How can food companies get involved?
There are a number of marketing advantages available to food companies who register with fuelled4life. Contact Larissa Beeby for more information.

Fuelled4life is an easy way to implement the Food and Beverage Classification System and helps schools and ECE services to identify and offer healthy food choices to children.

KEY WORDS: Fuelled4life, Food and Beverage Classification System, FBCS, food product classification, healthy foods and drinks in schools, early childhood education, Ministry of Health Health & Nutrition guidelines

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Health Promotion Agency (HPA)

DESCRIPTION: The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) is a Crown entity under the Crown Entities Act 2004. It was established on 1 July 2012 by the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Amendment Act 2012 with an overall function to lead and support activities for the following purposes: promoting health and wellbeing and encouraging healthy lifestyles preventing disease, illness and injury enabling environments that support health and wellbeing and healthy lifestyles reducing personal, social and economic harm.
KEY WORDS: It also has the following alcohol-specific functions: giving advice and making recommendations to government, government agencies, industry, non-government bodies, communities, health professionals, and others on the sale, supply, consumption, misuse and harm of alcohol so far as those matters relate to HPA’s general functions undertaking or working with others to research the use of alcohol in New Zealand, public attitudes towards alcohol, and problems associated with, or consequent on, the misuse of alcohol.

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Heart Foundation

DESCRIPTION: The Heart Foundation of New Zealand supports the community, researchers & medical professionals, reducing heart disease through education & intervention. We work on a range of initiatives that aim to improve the food supply and increase the availability of healthier foods and beverages. Our key activities include supporting and encouraging food companies to reformulate their foods by reducing the fat, saturated fat, and salt levels as well as supporting the up skilling of caterers and foodservice workers to improve the foods they produce. Heart Foundation Tick: New Zealand's most trusted front of pack food labelling system, since 1996. Hospitality Hub: Information, resources and tools relevant to all food service sectors to help produce healthy food. HeartSAFE: The national, industry-led initiative to support continued reduction of sodium in manufactured foods. Better Pies: Guidelines to produce pies that are lower in fat and salt. Best Practice Frying: Better frying practices produce potato chips lower in fat. fuelled4life: Getting a great start to life through healthy eating - fuelled4life helps schools and early childhood education services provide healthier food.
KEY WORDS: Heart Foundation Tick, Pick The Tick, fuelled4life, heart, foundation, nz, new zealand, nhf, national, disease, attack, coronary, angina, research, grants, jump rope for heart, healthy heart award, health, blood, vessel, cholesterol, lottery

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Liggins Institute

DESCRIPTION: The Liggins Institute was the University of Auckland’s first Large Scale Research Institute. It is a world leading centre for translational research on fetal and child health; the impact of nutrition on health throughout life; epigenetic regulation of growth and development; breast cancer; and evolutionary medicine. Our aim is to rapidly translate discoveries in basic science into therapies and strategies that will prevent or help people manage major health problems of the 21st century. We have shown that many common diseases of middle and old age have their origins very early in life – often before conception. Our work has led to a treatment for neonatal brain damage, a link between preterm birth and risk of developing diabetes, new treatment strategies for breast cancer and the recognition of clear links between early life nutrition and later life disease. Our postgraduate training programmes are based on multi-disciplinary approaches supervised by investigators who have international reputations in a wide range of fields. We are committed to promoting awareness and understanding of science through public events and the LENScience network of programmes for schools.
KEY WORDS: Nutrition, diet, health, genes, Seasons of Life lecture series,

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Massey University Nutrition Laboratory

DESCRIPTION: Specialising in analysis of food, plant and animal products we have a wide range of tests available including amino acid and fatty acid profiles, rancidity, calorific content, ELISA, RIA, total dietary fibre, NDF, ADF, lignin, fat, protein, shelf life testing, hormones, metabolites, enzymes and many more. The Nutrition Laboratory has been IANZ accredited to ISO 17025 since 2005 and is a Ministry of Health recommended agency offering full nutrition and consultancy services for food labelling to comply with Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). Analysis of AAFCO nutrient profiles for pet food to complete and balanced status.
As a research unit working within the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health the Nutrition Laboratory is recognized both in New Zealand and internationally for its expertise in a wide range of analyses. Development of new methods may be available on request.

KEY WORDS: Massey, analysis, analyses, assay, testing, labeling, nutrition, laboratory, nutrition labeling, analytical, amino acids, fatty acids, rancidity, calorific content, ELISA, RIA, total dietary fibre, NDF, ADF, lignin, fat, protein, shelf life testing, pet food, AAFCO, hormones, metabolites, enzymes.

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