Manukee - taking New Zealand honey to the world

Manukee founder and "BeeEO" York Spencer talks about the challenges of selling his products in Asia and finding a distribution partner, all while making sure to keep the office vacuumed.

What does your business do?

Manukee is a UMF Manuka honey drink. We launched in July last year at the New Zealand Fine Food Show, and source all of our honey from the outskirts of the Tongariro National Park and our drinks are made in Auckland. We have two drinks on the market, each containing two teaspoons of Manuka honey.

What sparked the idea?

Five or six years ago I was wandering around the streets of Singapore, and I had this niggling feeling that Manuka honey was really inconvenient to find, buy and use, and so I wanted to give the world an easier way of consuming the benefits.

The motivation was a mix of passion for wanting to share Manuka honey with the world and wanting to do it in a different way to how it has traditionally been done. I wanted to disrupt the Manukau honey category.

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