Lewis Road and Pic's team up on 'pretty wicked' peanut butter ice-cream

It's a little bit nutty, a little bit smooth.

Lewis Road Creamery and Nelson peanut butter company Pic's have teamed up to create a peanut butter ice cream.

Pic's founder Pic Picot said the creation had been in the pipeline for several months after Lewis Road Creamery had approached him.

He said the company had been involved in the tasting and working on labels, "but we had to sign all sorts of secrecy things".

"I've been desperately trying to keep it secret and not say a word to anybody."

The match had been hinted at on social media, and was confirmed on Tuesday on Pic's Facebook page.

After only an hour, there were more than 500 comments endorsing the new flavour, which includes flakes of chocolate.

Picot said the taste it was "like eating cold peanut butter but not as gluggy.

"And the chocolate, you bite into a bit of chocolate and you sort of think there's a piece of peanut butter but as it melts in your mouth you realise it's chocolate. It's pretty wicked."

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Peanut Butter Ice Cream made with Pic's Peanut Butter and free range eggs. In stores from today.

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