Grounded Responsible Coffee - fusing good taste with good decisions

Enjoying a freshly brewed coffee in the mornings feels good, but it tastes better when it’s Grounded Responsible Coffee, a recently launched New Zealand brand taking sustainability to the next level - as well as being 100% certified Organic & Fairtrade, it is also certified Climate Neutral and is involved with reforestation in New Zealand and Peru.

Roasted in New Zealand, Grounded Coffee is available in 200g bags of both plunger grind and whole beans. Go for Kickstarter if you like smooth, dark, full flavours that pack a punch, or #Time to Shine if you prefer your coffee to have rich, sweet delicately complex flavours.

Every cup of Grounded Coffee fuses good taste with good decisions. All of our coffee is climate neutral, meaning we measure our emissions from farm to shelf and neutralise their impact by reducing where possible and planting trees both here in New Zealand and at our coffee origin in Peru. Grounded Coffee delivers maximum taste with minimal impact on our environment- no reforestation, no chemicals used and the farmers and workers are treated fairly and safely.

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Available in Countdown supermarkets nationwide and select New World stores. RRP $8.49

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