Ceres Organics and Nadia Lim present New Zealandís first Peruvian pop-up restaurant

Celebrity chef and intrepid explorer Nadia Lim has teamed up with Ceres Organics to host New Zealand’s first Peruvian pop-up restaurant, inspired by the provenance of quinoa.

To celebrate the launch of Ceres Organics White Quinoa in its new world first, see-through home compostable pack, Pilkingtons in Auckland will be transformed into a Peruvian restaurant for one night only on Friday 6 October.

The pop-up will then reopen its doors at Kadett in Christchurch on Wednesday 11 October.

With a delicious menu created by Nadia and interiors by Kiwi artist and illustrator Evie Kemp, guests will be transported to the foothills of the Andes as they embark on a cultural and culinary tour of Peru.

Nadia has tapped into the fashionable food of Peru with a five-dish menu that’s all about sharing, tasting plates and experimenting with new flavours.

Each dish, says Nadia, is designed to showcase the fusion of flavours synonymous with Peruvian cuisine.

“Peruvian cuisine is full of flavour, colour and textures with influences from many European, Asian and African cuisines. It’s exotic, diverse and unique.”

Cultivated in Peru for thousands of years, the versatile seed is a key component in Nadia’s Peruvian inspired recipes.

“There’s a reason quinoa was such a prized crop for the Incan Empire,” says Nadia. “It has a unique nutritional profile, full of quality protein and dietary fibre, and makes a great gluten-free alternative, all of which has led to its popularity”.

For more than 15 years, Ceres Organics has worked with a collective of traditional Peruvian farmers, who grow quinoa the same way their ancient ancestors did: small plots, up high, by hand – the organic way.

Ceres Organics White Quinoa contains no harmful synthetic pesticides or chemicals, as indicated by the BioGro certification logo on the front of the packet. It’s also EcoSocial certified - an organic fair trade certification that promotes ethical trade by integrating organic, economic, social and environmental criteria into a single verification programme.

Ceres Organics Managing Director Noel Josephson says the pop-up will pay homage to Peru and the farmers responsible for its most prized crop.

“Demand for quinoa keeps Peruvian farms in business, and we’ve worked hard to form a relationship with our farmers, built on trust, fair trading and ethical business practices.

“Ceres Organics bring quinoa to you from its most authentic source - Peru. You get the best quality quinoa available, it keeps the link to its ancient heritage alive, and you are helping to improve the living standard of many Peruvian families. That’s worth celebrating.”

Once believed to be a gift from the Gods, this little seed of goodness is well worth the hype.

Now it’s had a makeover with its innovative home compostable packaging, that ‘superfood’ we all struggle to pronounce (it’s ‘keen-wah’, by the way) is just as good for the planet as it is for you.

Designed to help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, the compostable packs are made from renewable resources and will begin to break down in a typical home compost bin or worm farm in just 6 weeks.

The new packaging reflects the company’s longstanding commitment to sustainability, people and the planet, which is reinforced by their ethical business practices and commitment to improve the livelihood of its farmers.

Before the world became aware of quinoa and demand increased, some Peruvian’s relied on the coca (a plant used in the production of cocaine) industry to make a living. Growing quinoa has helped farmers to make legal livelihoods and made their communities safer.

Last year, Ceres Organics contributed approximately $17,500 as an EcoSocial premium to support several initiatives, chosen by Peruvian locals to help advance their farming practices and benefit the environment.

Tickets to the event are available to be purchased through EventFinder for $60. Tickets are strictly limited and include the cost of the five dishes, one drink and a goodie bag to take away. Biodynamic wine from Millton Vineyards and Winery will be available to purchase by the glass.

The compostable packets for Ceres Organics White Quinoa will be available in supermarkets and health stores in October. RRP $7.95.

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