Tip Top reprioritises icecream production amid 'unprecedented' demand

"Unprecedented" icecream demand has meant fewer of the country's least favourite frozen treats will be made in the coming months, Tip Top says.

While they say there is not an icecream shortage as such, Tip Top is reprioritising its production so that the more popular products will be available, including Trumpets, Popsicles, most Frujus and vanilla icecream to go with the Christmas pav.

"We're not going to run out," sales director for Fonterra Brands Tim Carter said. "There's not going to be a complete shortage over Christmas."

However, stocks of some products are lower than normal and may be harder to find, including grapefruit and lemon Frujus and goody-goody gumdrops and cookies and cream icecream.

"At times people may not be able to get the icecream or iceblock they want and we sincerely apologise for that," he said.

However, he said they should usually be able to find their second-favourite icecream.

Tip Top allow for an increase over summer each year but the hot weather had increased demand 25 per cent above last year.

"That's putting pressure on the supply chain," he said.

"Sunshine drives icecream sales.

"It's created demand that we'd typically be carrying into January and February."

Tip Top were bringing in extra staff and extra shifts and also sourcing more from their licensed third-party suppliers, he said.

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