‘Grain Technology for Consumer Nutrition’, the 67th Australasian Grain Science Conference

Under the theme ‘Grain Technology for Consumer Nutrition ’, the 67th Australasian Grain Science Conference will bring together scientific and technical experts with a focus on grain breeding, processing, nutrition and consumer foods in a truly international event celebrating grain science and technology. Hot topics include:

• ‘Utilisation of transgenic methods for plant breeding reflecting on practice and regulations in Australasia and beyond’ Hosted by AACCi, and featuring Anne Bridges, Chair, AACCi Approved Methods Technical Leadership Committee, and Les Copland, Professor of Agriculture, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney.

• ‘A global understanding of Cereal Science’, Dr Michalea Pichler, ICC Vienna.

• ‘Novel advancements of gluten free products’, Prof Witoon Prinyawiwatkul, Louisiana University, USA.

• ‘Novel cereal functional food development’, Prof Wenqiang Guan, Tianjin University, China.

• ‘Plant – Protein biomaterial processing’, Prof Janet Taylor, University of Pretoria, South Africa.

• ‘Diversity in quality traits in wheat and tailing flours with wider suitability’, Prof Narpinder Singh, Guru Nanak Dev University, India.

• ‘Functional properties of arabinoxylans of human health’, Prof Weili Li, Chester University, UK.

• ‘Wheat and sorghum dough rheology in relation to protein composition’, Professor John Taylor, University of Pretoria, South Africa.

• ‘Pulse Electric Field processing of cereal starches to improve functionality’, Prof Andy Zeng, South China University of Technology, China.

The program includes scientific oral and poster sessions along with social events.

For more information, abstract submission and registration:

67th Australasian Grain Science Conference, September 20-22, 2017, Rydges Hotel, Christchurch, New Zealand,

[email protected]

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