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Are you guiding or actively involved in delivering Innovation within a food or beverage manufacturer, or a food entrepreneur or a graduate looking for employment in innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry? This 6-hour online Diploma in Innovation Management is for food and beverage companies who are scaling their products and portfolio, to compete nationally or internationally.

The Diploma course consists of shared insights, concepts, best practices, processes and skills that help food companies realise growth opportunities, tackle challenges in food innovation and increase the power of their brand. Food innovation is a complex process involving product and package strategies, markets and cultures, consumers, ingredient strategies, brand agency interactions, manufacturing scale up and operating standards.

This intensive and practical online training course provides a framework for sustainably managing all aspects of innovation with a view to winning and retaining consumers.

Whether you are a start-up, or an established company, distributing locally or exporting, being aware of what’s involved in effectively managing innovation will influence decisions, actions, operating practices, efficiency and sustainability.

The publisher, Noreen O’Connell of Biawiz, has an extensive knowledge of the food & beverage industry having worked at an executive level with PepsiCo for 12 years, leading their International Technical centres, providing services and support to 450+ manufacturing operations, in 112 countries spanning 300 products.

Speaking at the launch of the free Diploma course, Ms. O’Connell stated; “Having worked in this space for 25 years, I wanted to get the information that companies need to successfully manage innovation, into a format that reaches a broad audience and allows people to take the training at a time and pace that suits them”

Congratulating Noreen on the successful publication of the new course, Alison CEO Mike Feerick commented “this new free Diploma in Innovation Management for the Food and Beverage Industry is the first stop for anyone involved in food innovation within this massive global industry. Whether setting up production facilities in Pakistan or the United States, the same principles apply and there is no one better to learn from than from someone who has been there and done it at the highest professional level”.

The Diploma in Innovation Management for Food and Beverage Manufacturers course is available at – Diploma in Innovation Management for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

About Alison

Alison is one of the world’s largest free online learning platforms for workplace skills. Widely recognised as the world’s first MOOC, Alison is a for-profit social enterprise with a goal to drive the cost of all education and skills training to zero. Headquartered in Galway, Ireland, Alison was founded by CEO Mike Feerick, social entrepreneur, Ashoka fellow (2010). Awards include UNESCO (2011), the World Innovation Summit for Education Award (2013-Qatar Foundation). Alison provides over 800 free courses on a broad range of subjects including project management, IT skills, learning languages and business management skills. Alison’s free learning ecology includes free learning, certification, learning management systems and publishing. Alison’s ambition is to register over 100 million learners by 2020. Alison continues to lead the free learning movement it first pioneered, revolutionising how people learn across the world.

About Noreen O’Connell

Noreen is the Managing Director of Biawiz (, a Food Business Training and Consultancy business based in Cork, Ireland. Noreen works with companies who are scaling operations, products and brands for International markets. Areas of expertise include strategy, innovation, International operations and supply chains, portfolio maintenance, consumer programs, technical processes, metrics and scorecards, capability building, organisation and leadership development.

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