Release your inner Barista with the latest Nespresso Limited Edition coffees

Introducing BARISTA, three coffees crafted for ultimate personalisation

Pairing the finest quality coffee with smooth milk is a flavour harmony that has long transfixed professional baristas. Now, Nespresso is bringing this sensation to the home with three new Limited Edition coffees, two of which have been especially created to be prepared with milk. Whether you indulge in a creamy Cappuccino, a full-bodied Espresso Macchiato or an extra intense Ristretto, there’s a BARISTA limited edition coffee to satisfy your senses and allow you to bring the coffee bar straight to your kitchen.

Inspired by a barista’s craftsmanship to perfectly harmonise the complex flavours in coffee and mastering milk preparation, Nespresso undertook multiple sensory tests to define the exact levels of roasting and the ideal coffee grinding techniques to create the BARISTA Limited Editions.

John Ciaglia, Nespresso New Zealand Country Manager explained, “New Zealand is the home of deliciously milky coffees and at Nespresso, we know that a great coffee in black doesn’t necessarily become an equally great coffee in white. We have used our extensive coffee expertise combined with the knowledge that Kiwis who love coffee with milk are looking for ideal bitterness, acidity, body, flavours and aromas to create the perfect, harmonious result in their cup.”

The BARISTA Limited Edition coffees are set to delight any coffee lover with three tempting options:

Try BARISTA Chiaro for a Cappuccino

Tasting notes: The coffee has been specially crafted by the Nespresso experts to prepare a sweet, indulgent Cappuccino with a smooth creamy taste, roundness and exceptionally delicate biscuit notes

Intensity: 5. A medium-to-dark roasted blend when black, that becomes exceptionally smooth and round when combined with milk.

Best enjoyed: 25ml coffee topped with 60ml milk froth

Sample BARISTA Scuro for an Espresso Macchiato
Tasting notes: Carefully created for an intense, flavourful and full-bodied coffee finished with a gentle touch of milk foam Intensity: 8. A medium-to-dark roasted blend when black, that keeps its strong character when combined with milk. Best enjoyed: 40ml Espresso with two spoons of milk foam to retain the strong coffee character

Taste BARISTA Corto as a black Ristretto
Tasting notes: BARISTA Corto has been masterfully blended to give the coffee an extra intense taste with a thick syrupy texture along with a dark marbled crema.

Intensity: 11. A dark-roasted blend with intensity 11

Best enjoyed: As a 25ml black Ristretto

Whichever your coffee preference, the BARISTA Limited Edition collection ensures you have the perfect flavour harmonies, without even leaving home.

The BARISTA coffees - Chiaro, Scuro and Corto - will be available for a limited period from Nespresso Boutiques and online at from August 21, 2017. RRP $11.30 for a sleeve of 10.

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