Nespresso reveals new limited edition range for the festive season

International artists Craig & Karl add pop of colour to new confectionary flavour designs

Coffee lovers rejoice – premium portioned coffee brand Nespresso has today revealed three new limited-edition coffee flavours for the upcoming Christmas season: VARIATIONS Confetto Snowball, VARIATIONS Confetto Orangette and VARIATIONS Confetto Licorice.

Inspired by traditional candies that evoke nostalgic childhood memories, this year’s Festive Variations Confetto Collection is sure to delight Kiwi coffee lovers with three surprising candy-inspired aromas, combined with the highest-quality Pure Arabica.

The annual reveal of Nespresso’s Festive Variations is one of the most highly anticipated launches for the innovative and premium coffee company. This year is no different, as the complete range makes for a perfect gift for design and coffee aficionados.

“The release of our Christmas range is always a special time for us. And keeping our Kiwi coffee lovers’ preferences in mind, we are excited to offer a unique experience through a selection of Festive coffees,” comments Nespresso New Zealand Country Manager John Ciaglia.

“In addition to the three coffees, we are also introducing a theme to our packaging, accessories and other collateral items through a unique and colourful collaboration with renowned artists Craig & Karl.”

The exclusive Nespresso Festive Variations Confetto Collection is available at or at Nespresso Boutiques from October 30, 2017.


There are three Variations to try, each with a Craig & Karl designed capsule.

Each of the Variations is based on the Nespresso Livanto coffee blend which consists of Pure Arabica from Southern and Central America. It is well-balanced with a roasted caramelised note providing roundness and balance in the finished coffees:

VARIATIONS Confetto Snowball – a delicious espresso pairing sweet coconut notes with a touch of vanilla, RRP$11.30
Intensity: 6
Serving size: Espresso (40ml)

VARIATIONS Confetto Orangette – the bittersweet flavour of orange peel and a hint of chocolate are vibrant in this flavoured espresso, RRP$11.30
Intensity: 6
Serving size: Espresso (40ml)

VARIATIONS Confetto Licorice – a tasty combination of spices and licorice candy notes, RRP$11.30
Intensity: 6
Serving size: Espresso (40ml)


Nespresso has collaborated with transatlantic-based duo Craig & Karl to bring a pop of colour to the product design of its Festive Collection which includes three capsule coffees and Limited Edition accessories.

Known for their signature bold graphical work, Craig Redman and Karl Maier are university friends turned creative collaborators renowned for their work with luxury clients and collaborators LVMH, Nike, Kate Spade and British Vogue.

The full Festive Variations Confetto Collection offers one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone: those with a sweet tooth, those who favour bold graphic design, or those who are fans of milk based coffee recipes.

Craig and Karl explained: “We were inspired by the Nespresso Variations flavours and the notion of basing them on old-style confectionery. We were also mindful that the design had to feel modern and relevant to now. In our initial development, we honed-in on the candy cane-style stripes prevalent in the past. In it, we saw a classic motif that can evoke nostalgia for the customer, but one that equally feels current owing to its bold and graphic form. We also loved that the stripes, once applied to dome-shaped capsules, gave them the appearance of candy themselves.”

The range includes:

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Squares

Smooth dark chocolate paired with raspberry flavoured crispy pieces to create an explosion of flavours. The intensity of the dark chocolate and the finesse of the red berry complement each other and merge with delightful floral aromas. RRP $12.00 for a 200g box of 40 chocolates

Milk Chocolate Crunchy Corn Squares

When crunchy corn is introduced to milk chocolate, a subtle and unexpected match of flavours is created. These treats combine sweetness and roasted accents with a crisp and crunchy texture for a sensory delight that brings out the creaminess of the milk chocolate. Ending on a high note, a pinch of salt enhances this rich palette of flavours. RRP $12.00 for a 200g box of 40 chocolates.

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