Three new ciders from Lewis Road Orchard - summer in a bottle!

Languid afternoons and long evenings, sparkling seas and picnics under trees, good times and sunshine ... who doesn't love that summer feeling?

Now, Lewis Road is capturing the best of New Zealand summer in a bottle, by expanding from pastures to orchards and launching a new range of premium apple ciders. Lewis Road Orchard Premium Apple Ciders are made with the best, certified-organic apples from Bostock's orchards in the sunshine-filled Hawke's Bay, with a delightful difference.

Have you ever been near fruit trees when they are in blossom? The flowers have a wonderful scent, that seems to be the very distillation of the fruit on the trees upon which they grow. And three such blossom scents stood out. As you might expect, Apple Blossom. But also, Orange Blossom and Peach Blossom. When added in the smallest dose to an already great cider, they are transformative. They take the cider from good to sublime and they absolutely allow us to ‘put summer in a bottle’.

In this case, it is infusing an already great cider with delicate blossom flavours to elevate it from good to sublime. These crisp, dry premium ciders have noticeable botanical scents on the nose and a well-balanced taste that is fresh and not overly sweet or acidic allowing the blossom flavours to shine through.

Together the scent and the taste of each flavour combine to deliver a refreshing and quenching pour, and the very essence of what Lewis Road set out to capture – summer in a bottle.

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